Planting trees is a charity. The earth is a gift of nature for the human being, who is scattered on earth. According to experts, 25% of the total population of any country should be forested. Trees that make the environment pleasant are also beneficial to humans, and they get the fruit of the trees and make furniture and other things from tree wood to the decoration of their homes. Trees are the blessing of Allah that causes climate change. Trees cause rain clouds to come into existence

Benefits/importance of trees:-

We have read many of the benefits of trees in our books as a child. The biggest advantage of them is that they provide us with oxygen that is essential for breathing.
In addition, they stimulate carbon dioxide to make the atmosphere pleasant. They provide wood and paper to humans, while providing habitat to wildlife.

Flood Prevention:

The area where there are large trees is very low in the risk of flooding.
Tree roots not only stimulate extra water but also help the soil to absorb water, which makes water not flood by gathering water.

Protecting from the drought:

Just as trees protect against floods, they also protect against drought and drought.
They also remove the water in their roots into the air and also help in the formation of clouds.

Protection from land sliding:

Tree roots keep the earth’s soil from being cut off or land sliding.
Increase in land cultivation.
The presence of trees in an area is a guarantee of the soil cultivation of the area.

Reduce noise pollution:

Do you know trees also reduce noise pollution? They also have the ability to absorb the loud sounds that are present in the place.
Not only trees, but also its branches and addresses.
According to experts, the principle of Urban Planning should be to plant more trees around educational institutions and near the factories and factories, to make the noise from the site calm.

People’s Health:

People are healthier in the places where there are more trees.
The presence of trees reduces stress and depression and makes people mentally and physically healthy, while living between trees also increases their creative performance.

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