We get oxygen from the plants which plays a key role for our survival in the world. Plants are important both for human and animals. For the sake of human survival on the earth the Plants are very necessary. Plants needs water, carbon dioxide and essential organic chemicals for their regularity and growth. For the better growth of plant, the soil should be fertile. The water penetrates in the roots of plants and their growth increases. Due to plants cool breeze blow which are very useful for living things. Wherever the plants present the environment is airy and cool and…

LinkedIn | Why are pronouns used at LinkedIn

Pronoun is the sentence element that is used to replace noun and then called antecedent. Society is dealing with a spectrum of gender identity and how people behave and present or identify themselves. LinkedIn is a website which people join to connect with the people all around the world. They can talk each other and see their events also. This is a marvelous benefit because it is used to get jobs because many companies posted their jobs their and people from anywhere apply for jobs either for physical job or for remote jobs.


At LinkedIn profile, connections are used to connect with other.


People from the world develop their connections also. These connection are from their same field relating people or by random connections with the people. This is the best way to stay connected at business platform. Businesses of many people are boost up by sharing their activities at LinkedIn and by making their connections.

Accept connections:

Most of the people at LinkedIn accept connections of random people, their friends or fellows but their are some people who accept their connection only of their concerned or their relevant field.

Why we use pronouns at LinkedIn:-

Call friends by their pronouns:

While you are walking with your friend call them by their names. Because many of the people like to called by other through their pronoun rather than by their nickname. Few people are their who like their nickname.

Pronouns allow us to specify how we want to be referred to:

We can specify to others that they should call us with our names (pronouns) rather than by call us with the name other than pronoun or original name. These may includes our friends, relative and fellows they use our pronouns.

Pronouns are gender inclusive:

Sometime it does not matter for anyone to call them by name that might not resonate with you, but for some people, their pronouns are gender inclusive. Their pronouns are so important for them so try to call people by pronouns.

Tricky to add pronoun:-

It can be tricky to add your pronouns on LinkedIn because for now, LinkedIn doesn’t support a specific field for pronouns.

“We know this is a problem, and we talked with LinkedIn to encourage them to add a specific pronoun field.” One can also add “They-Them, She-Her, or He-Him (or whatever other pronouns you use!) after your last name.

Pronouns are the function by itself as a noun phrase and that refers either to participants in discourse.


someone or something mentioned elsewhere in this discourse

The identities interact with the people experience that how they the people. By getting education people can learn more about the pronouns. At business platform all are considered equal and don’t have any discrimination. But other than business life, this difference exist and have considered a lot of importance of pronouns.

playing games

Kids that develop executive functions perform well in schools and make good decisions as well. A well develop theory of mind increase the kids tolerance and compassion for other people and enhance the ability to play and work well with others. Do not stop children for playing and give them free hand to play as they want to be. By doing this they get a lot of experience in every field. They also learn to play with cooperation and help each other in the time of need. …

playing games

What are the benefits of playing games?

A well develop mind increase the tolerance and compassion for other people and enhance the ability to play and work well with others. Playing game is a cross generational thing. Playing games helps a lot to gain knowledge and games also develop the ability to learn whether you are a child or an adult. Gaming develop mental skills that allows us to manage time and attention.

Expressive play

Games teaches us to express feelings

By gaming children get aware of paints and markers

Children also aware of that the gaming is just a Fantasy



The word tourism comes from the Latin word tornus, which means a tool of making circle. The movement of people from there living place to another place for a short period of time for the purpose of pleasure is called tourism. Tourism is the act of spending time away from home. In tourism, one spends his time out of the house and take some moments away from his daily routine, relaxation and pleasure. One enjoys the life as he wants to be and do the activities that he cannot done in normal busy life. The purpose of travelling is to…



Planting trees is a charity. The earth is a gift of nature for the human being, who is scattered on earth. According to experts, 25% of the total population of any country should be forested. Trees that make the environment pleasant are also beneficial to humans, and they get the fruit of the trees and make furniture and other things from tree wood to the decoration of their homes. Trees are the blessing of Allah that causes climate change. Trees cause rain clouds to come into existence

Benefits/importance of trees:-

We have read many of the benefits of trees in our books as a child. The biggest advantage of them is that they provide us with oxygen that is essential for breathing.
In addition, they stimulate carbon dioxide to make the atmosphere pleasant. They provide wood and paper to humans, while providing habitat to wildlife.

Aya sophia

24 July 2020:-

Hagia Sophia mosque is reopened for everyone. Turkish president recites the verses of Holy Quran at Jumma prayer and Turkish religious ministers gives KHUTB-E-JUMMA. He came along with sward towards the member. Holding the sword is the sign of victory of KHILAFT-E-USMANIA

Initial history:-

According to Roman historian Tsets, the Church of the Holiest byzantine city of Acropolis was established at the same place where two churches were built before that.

Roman King Konstantin (337–272) changed the name of the city in the fourth century and moved to the city of the capital of the Roman Empire…

The study of chemistry involving the living system.


Organic chemistry is the branch of chemistry which deals with the study of structure, properties, composition, reactions and preparation of carbon containing compounds. It includes not only hydrocarbons but also compounds with any number of other elements such as hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, halogen, phosphorous and silicon etc.

Why carbon?

Because it is group 4A element and have four electrons in their valence shell. It also has many diverse structures.

Some important terms of organic chemistry

1. Functional group ~

2. Polar covalent bond and electronegativity ~

3. formal charge ~

4. Bond breaking/ fission ~

5. orbitals and stability ~

6. aromaticity ~

7. hydrogen bonding ~

8. isotopic labelling~

9. Kinetic isotopic effects~

10. acidity or basicity of organic compounds~

11. Types of organic reaction~

12. Conjugation~

passive income

Passive income is the earning in which a person is not actively involved. It In passive income, person does not require a little effort to earn. Passive income is usually taxable. Once, you have to do something to generate income and then you have to rely on that income. It requires a little time in the beginning and then it gives you benefit for a long time/throughout life. Physical appearance is not necessary for making passive income. In passive income a person receives payment even after the work is over. …


(types, rules, forms, benefits, significance and importance of poetry)


· Discovery

The word poetry comes from the Greek word creator.

Poetry has very deep and long historical background. It is the oldest form of literature and it is the first thing which was being spoken, heard, write and read. It is very amazing fact that all the branches of knowledge such as history, dramas, mathematics, politics and sciences were in the poetic form.

· What is poetry?

According to,

1. P.B Shelly asserts: “poetry in general sense may be defined as the expression of imagination”.

2. William Words Worth says: poetry is the spontaneous overflow of…

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